MC Planetariums
Handcrafted mechanical planetariums    

8 planets planetarium.


All designed and handmade by us.

Different options available.

6 and 4 planets models under development.

The solar system in 24 cm in a diameter base (40 cm from Neptune to Uranus when they are opposite).

Depicts the motion of the planets up to Neptune.

Calendar and moon phase complications with hand engraved plates.


Basic model with only revolving planets available soon. (Without calendar, moonphase and moons. With full gilded zodiac plates instead handpainted).

Ask for more info.

Solid beech wood base and columns stained in mahogany tone.

Baroque columns embellished with gilded acanthus leaves.

Brass drag diamond engraved dial.

Hand engraved solid brass plates.

Zodiac signs in solid wood, full colour handpainted or full gilded to choose.

Planets in semiprecious stones except the handpainted 8mm Earth globe.

Planets in agate, jasper, tiger eye....

Moons in labradorite, howlite and natural Baltic amber.

Earth is handpainted.

Embellished with genuine Swarovski Gemstones(™) cubic zirconias in the main plate, the calendar, the moom phase indicator and the handcrank in white or dark red colour to choose.

Please contact for more information.